Traffic Management Academy Limited is committed to its obligation to adhere to the Privacy Act 2020, particularly the provisions relating to the privacy of clients and attendees information. New Zealand’s privacy laws have changed, and these changes directly affect any agencies, which includes any business or organization, that gathers client’s details for any reason to actively manage their privacy obligations. This update comes in the form of the Privacy Act 2020, which strengthens privacy protections and require agencies to actively manage their privacy obligations. This change is directly applicable to the training provider, as the information collected from its clients is used for the purpose of providing a service to its clients (Course bookings, Independent Audit Work, TMP Designs, Assessments and other TTM Consulting services provided by Traffic Management Academy Limited.

Traffic Management Academy sole purpose of collecting data is to verify client’s or individuals current New Zealand Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi NZTA) TTM qualification record to ensure all pre-requisite criteria are met prior to booking and attending a workshop. Traffic Management Academy may also use this information from time to time to inform the employer / individuals that their qualifications are soon to be expired, as part of their continued support and service provided to their clients. Traffic Management Academy undertakes to only use such information provided in confidence, for the purpose of what it was intended for.